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Max Bittker

Software Engineer

Building things is my passion, and computing has been an incredibly rewarding pursuit in my life. I want to bring my experience and motivation building high quality software and products to an environment where I can collaborate with talented people on impactful projects that people care about. Building new skills is important to me and I always aim to be challenged by my surroundings. If you are doing exciting things in the realms of software, web technology, learning, media, and the arts, please feel free to contact me.


Serious passion and experience building real software: complex single page web applications, high-performance servers, complex interactive simulations, and IoT embedded systems
Strong web application development experience using modern tools including React, Redux, ES6, Node, WebGL, Flexbox, Functional Programming, Clojure & Go
Solid academic fundamentals in Software Architecture, Data Structures, Algorithms, UNIX, C/C++, Networking, Concurrency, Programming Languages, Microprocessors, Databases, Data Mining, and Machine Learning

Work Experience

March 2016 – May 2016
Web Developer
City to City ridesharing platform, built to provide seamless matchmaking and payment for long distance travelers and event planners May 2015 – September 2015
Key Storage Inc.
Web development Intern
Internet Connected Safe & Asset Tracking Manufacturer
June 2014 – December 2014
Software Intern
Medical device manufacturer, member of the START-UP NY development program
Contract Work


Open Journalism Project Fellowship

Embedded in the Queen’s Journal to innovate student journalistic process, build interactive web content, do data journalism, and run technology workshops.


Slack clone with Queen's University login integration, places you in live chat rooms with other students enrolled in your courses. Implements many features of Slack + popular plugins. Built on React, Websockets, Go & SQL. Slaq


A browser-based programming game about resource collection and distributed intelligence. Built in 36 hours for Hack Western. Won 1st place, “most polished”, and “best use of AI” JS and HTML5 canvas.


Digital community aquarium, where pixel flora grow and interact. Each species is defined by a user by writing code in a simple lua api. State is persistent, synchronized, and server-side.Go backend with web client. Top placement at Hack the North, Canada’s largest hackathon. DevPost


A tool for quickly browsing Queen’s University lectures by time, proximity and description to help inquisitive minds get the most out of their education. React, JS, PostgREST. Leverages course scraping tool qcumber-scraper which I helped maintain. LectureSquat


Math visualization sandbox. Renders a grid of pixels based on an equation input by the user. Built using JS and HTML5 Canvas. Featured on front page of Hacker News and 40k+ page views.

Queen’s University

Computer Engineering 2012-2016

Bachelor of Science GPA: 3.33


Attend the Recurse Center in Summer 2016, a self-directed educational retreat where I built creative interactive projects and implemented distributed systems
Helped organize QCC, FKA “Queen’s Hack Nights”, a inclusive space for collaboration and discussion.
Enjoy art, strategy games, hiking, intersectional feminism, science fiction, bouldering and distance running.