Max Bittker

Hello! I'm a person & developer excited about art, learning, programming languages, and exploring complex systems through simulation.


Math visualization sandbox. Renders a grid of pixels based on an equation input by the user. You can use it to explore mathematics, or just enjoy the colors. All creations are easily share-able by copying the URL. Check out the gallery! And tweet your creations at #Mojulo


An agent-based neuro-genetic simulation. Creatures are controlled by a neural network and over time the population evolves to efficiently find food.

Fridge Poet

A web toy for writing fridge-magnet style poetry. Word suggestions are based on markov chain analysis of famous poets, and you can select which model to run.

Lunar Bocce

The beautiful game of Bocce ball, in space, for two+ players.


Homage to the falling sand genre of games. Light on element choices compared to some of the classics, but as far as I know (not very far) this was the first JS implementation. Try out the fluid dynamics and the "Glitch" element


A programming game about resource collection and distributed intelligence. Built by myself, Michael Layzell, Erik Pilkington & Jake Pittis in 36 hours for Hack Western. Designed to be a fun challenge for both new and experienced coders


Community aquarium, where colorful pixel flora grow and interact. Each species is defined by a user by writing code a simple lua api. State is persistent, synchronized, and server-side.

Other interests:

the recurse center, altgames, biking, cooking, electronics, fiction, folk punk / post rock / hip hop, intersectional feminism, math, netrunner, podcasts, running, starcraft, twitter bots, UNIX, vegetables

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